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Innovators of the global curriculum network

We are guided by a long-range vision of what kind of company we aspire to be, and we are committed to achieving our mission. The particular products and services we offer at any point in time are the means to the eventual creation of that vision, and every employee is selected and trained to be aligned with that vision.

Who We Are

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Retired July 2014

Governet was founded in 1986 by Paula Young who envisioned future opportunities the internet would have on our everyday lives, on education, and in establishing and maintaining our business relationships. As a result of the potential advancements in front of her, Paula founded Nevada Contractors Registry, Inc. (DBA – Governet). Paula was instrumental in unifying relationships between state and local governments, business owners, and the consumer. With years of experience working with databases and technology, Nevada Contractors Registry was uniquely positioned in 2000, to expand the company’s product and service offerings to Higher Education Clientele.   Since that time Governet has transformed education through the advanced curriculum management process and professional services.

Governet is now considered an innovator and leader in curriculum management systems. Offering a full line of web-based applications, Governet has delivered to colleges, universities and corporate training and learning centers award winning software solutions. Governet’s suite of applications, centered on its core product CurricUNET METATM, automates the curriculum process from planning to approving and reporting requirements through the ultimate publication of their course and program offerings. Through a network of individual institutions and statewide college/university systems, Governet is guiding the development of best practices standards for curriculum databases, workflow and the dissemination of curriculum information to a global community of students and educators.

Executive Leadership Management Team

Who Do We Serve

Since its initial development, CurricUNET and CurricUNET META have been adopted by colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and United Arab Emirates. CurricUNET is in use at individual colleges, college districts as well as multiple statewide systems of education including the California Community Colleges System, the Iowa Community Colleges – Department of Education, the Illinois Community Colleges for statewide curriculum approval and reporting, and the Ohio Board of Regents. CurricUNET has also been adopted by the ASSIST: Next Generation System to facilitate the articulation and transfer functions of all 145 campuses of the University of California, California State University and the California Community College Systems.

What Do We Offer

At both the local level and the state level, CurricUNET has demonstrated significant time and cost savings in the development of an institution’s curriculum. One institution reported a study which identified over 2,300 hours of savings per year. This is achieved through modular design, workflow automation, integrated document management, and Web delivery.


We serve the curriculum management needs of institutions of higher education and corporate learning centers. Ultimately, this includes faculty, staff, employees and students. Historically, such institutions have developed their curriculum independently of one another. Today, institutions are progressively more collaborative, not just in the review and innovative redesign of their curriculum, but also in the offering of their instructional programs to certain student constituent groups. We believe that curriculum databases will become valued by students globally in their selection decisions for their future institutions of choice.

Governet is dedicated the development of solutions that:

  • Streamline curriculum development at the local campus level
  • Collect and standardize the approved curriculum data
  • Streamline curriculum review and reporting at the state level, and for accreditation purposes
  • Facilitate the online sharing and distribution of such data between participating institutions, and their faculty
  • Serve as the Web-based, authoritative, real-time repository of choice for students seeking detailed curriculum information across multiple institutions


Transforming education through the global curriculum network—CurricUNET META.