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EVENT: Governet CEO George Tamas Speaking at the MIT Forum on MOOCS

SANTA BARBARA, June 3, 2013—Governet, innovators of technology solutions for higher education institutions, announced today that its CEO, George Tamas has been invited to speak at the MIT Enterprise Forum on June 12, 2013 in Santa Barbara.

The main focus of the June forum presentations will be the phenomenon of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which is sweeping higher education. Delivering world-class course content from the most prestigious, top-tier universities to students and life-long learners around the globe, MOOCs are now being offered as a viable solution to resolve impacted class offerings and student bottlenecks, and moderate skyrocketing tuition costs.

“MOOCs have recently created quite a stir in higher education,” stated Tamas in a recent article on the subject. “Initially created by two Stanford professors as a means to offer free online access to high quality courses to any student worldwide, such offerings have now proliferated and have become a phenomenon propelling the future of higher education.”

Mr. Tamas will be presenting Governet’s new “metaCAMPUS” initiative, which will both create a one-stop hub for students worldwide to search and link to online course offerings from multiple sources (colleges, MOOCs, corporate, and other sources), and will also create a repository for students to store “universal learning records” containing all the badges (digital certificates of competency) from all such sources.

About George Tamas:

George Tamas is currently the CEO of Governet, whose flagship product, CurricUNET, is the market leader in web-based curriculum management systems, with more than 550 colleges and universities in 14 states, two provinces of Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. His firm is also developing the ASSIST: Next Generation System, which provides the statewide articulation and transfer data for the 145 campuses of the University of California, CSU system, and CCC system.  Mr. Tamas has more than three decades of experience in top management positions for computer software/service organizations ranging in size from start up to publicly traded companies with more than $150,000,000 in annual revenues.

About Governet and CurricUNET:

Governet is a leading provider of innovative Web-based solutions for higher education institutions. These solutions address local campus, statewide system, and international collaborative network issues in curriculum development, management and accreditation. Governet’s core application is CurricUNET, the award-winning curriculum management system designed to streamline curriculum processes from planning to articulation by improving workflow efficiency, reporting and approval processes and institutional connectivity. Currently serving more than 550 colleges and universities, including several state-wide systems throughout the U.S., Canada and the United Arab Emirates, CurricUNET was adopted by California’s ground-breaking ASSIST, which connects and facilitates articulation between all of the state’s higher education systems. CurricUNET provides its users access to more than 600,000 course outlines and 47,000 program and degree programs. Via this transformational database, Governet is guiding the development of best practices standards for curriculum and creating what is rapidly becoming the Worldwide Curriculum Network. For more information about Governet and CurricUNET, please visit

About the MIT Enterprise Forum:

The Central Coast MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) hosts the region’s top business and technology events. Each month, (MITEF) brings together veteran business leaders and experts to host events designed to educate, inform and inspire entrepreneurs. Its mission is to promote a unique process and atmosphere to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial community in the Central Coast through interaction with experienced executives who have successfully navigated the challenges of building an organization. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum has 25 chapters worldwide, each offering unique programs and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. Early stage businesses face many common challenges. In case presentations, the Forum provides local entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their business plans during an open meeting before a panel of specially chosen business experts and an audience of peers and other people interested in business development. This Forum format provides the presenting companies an opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions for their businesses from experienced professionals. Special topic presentations address current and specific challenges facing early stage businesses. A special panel of entrepreneurs and industry experts is assembled for an in-depth “round table” discussion of the issue.