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Curriculum Management

What is curriculum management?

Curriculum management is the process through which educators and administrators collaborate on the creation, development, design, review, approval, assessment, and refinement of learning content to achieve desired student outcomes.

How important is a curriculum management system?

Curriculum management systems are important because they enable and support the process through which curriculum development, review, and approval lead to implementation of effective curricula that result in improved student outcomes consistent with course and degree program objectives.



Why choose currIQūnet?

currIQūnet is the optimal choice when considering Curriculum Development systems because the currIQūnet solutions provide capabilities unseen in competing solutions. The currIQūnet curriculum development system utilizes an effective graphical user interface that sharply reduces the learning curve for those wishing to use the system to positively influence student outcomes.

The currIQūnet solution is an innovative Web-based system that automates the processes of course and program development, review and approvals for colleges, universities and statewide educational systems. currIQūnet is a customized, user-friendly TOOL that saves institutions time, money and natural resources. The curriculum database is searchable by faculty, researchers, and students.

currIQūnet is building the Global Curriculum network, which enables the growing community of academicians and curriculum specialists sharing best practices for curriculum review, accreditation, and collaboration.

How long has currIQūnet been in business?

currIQūnet was founded in 1986 by Paula Young who envisioned future opportunities the internet would have on our everyday lives, on education, and in establishing and maintaining our business relationships.


currIQūnet Meta

What is currIQūnet?

currIQūnet is a curriculum development, review, and approval system that provides ability for non-technical users to configure and modify web entry screens and workflow templates. The system provides configurable dashboard widgets for administrative users to highlight real-time statistics and gain access to state and global curriculum database of 600,000 course outlines and 47,000 programs/degrees for curriculum review.



Is support included in the price of currIQūnet?

The cost of support is included as a separate component in the implementation of currIQūnet. The Support Fee entitles clients to ongoing system hosting, user support (via phone, instant messaging, and email), ongoing system maintenance, and periodic future upgrades within the same major currIQūnet version (including custom software upgrades if custom web input forms and/or workflows are impacted) to the currIQūnet META System as created and incorporated by currIQūnet. Support does not cover or apply to additional customization, functionality, upgrades or other services not specified or requested by Client after currIQūnet’s implementation of the currIQūnet META system.

Are there different levels of support?

There are 4 levels of support each differentiated by the number of student FTEs, which reflect the complexities of the implemented system and affording immediate and simultaneous access desired by those serving the number of FTEs.