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Governet is Now currIQūnet

Fun Name, Great Tech and Amazing People

Agile and Intelligent Curriculum Solutions.

Easy to Learn. Simple to Use. Built for Growth.

After nearly two decades of providing curriculum solutions to the higher education market, Governet is now currIQūnet (“kuh-rik-yuh-net”).

Since the late 1990’s we have been providing award-winning technology to higher education institutions in the United States, Canada and the United Arab Emirates with industry leading curriculum management functionality.

The currIQūnet name honors our past, the long-standing and well-known CurricUNET curriculum management platform, and propels us into the future – agile, comprehensive and intelligent curriculum solutions that are easy to learn, simple to use and built for growth.

With currIQūnet META, our latest technology platform, we have created a curriculum centric platform that leverages knowledge acquired through years of developing curriculum best practices integrated with cutting-edge technologies in partnership with our clients.

These advances in metadata architecture, prevailing workflow management and a powerful toolkit of well-designed and highly efficient features create a potent curriculum management platform.

currIQūnet META clients implement agile and intelligent curriculum solutions required in today’s higher education sector to meet the needs of a demanding market – with students, faculty, business and other public-sector representatives all calling for quick and meaningful responses to changing curriculum needs.

Our philosophy of a curriculum centric platform allows us to grow currIQūnet META and offer exceptional value to our clients – today and well into the future.

In the coming months look for advanced assessment capabilities, innovative catalog management, comprehensive curriculum review, sophisticated institutional planning and more to be made available in the currIQūnet META community.

Our goal is simple: “Leverage the work taking place every day in higher education to do more for our clients.”

The transition to our new name, currIQūnet, begins in April 2017.