LA Community Colleges’ New Web-Based Curriculum Management System Could Save 100s of Man-Hours

Governet, a technology company that creates and implements a digital software as a service (SaaS) curriculum and program management platform for colleges and universities around the world, recently signed a contract to install its core CurricUNET META and Catalog Services System at the Los Angeles Community College District campuses.

The Los Angeles Community College District is comprised of nine campuses that have served more than 3 million students over the past 77 years. It is the largest community college district in the United States and one of the largest in the world, covering an area of more than 882 square miles.

Governet will work with LACCD staff to customize the software to the District’s specific needs. They expect the software program to be installed and operational in January 2016.

“We are excited for this opportunity to partner with the Los Angeles Community College District and provide them with a customized software program that will save time updating and approving classes each semester,” said Mark Svorinic, president of Governet.

Founded 28 years ago, in 1986, Governet works to lighten the curriculum-management workload for college and university administrators.

The company’s software—CurricUNET META—automates the development and approval process of new courses and programs as well as their management and maintenance in higher education, a process that previously required a significant commitment of resources—time, funds and people. Managing this process with META creates greater efficiencies and effectiveness of resources, generating significant savings that administrators can then better allocate to serving the institution’s mission.


Governet is a curriculum management systems innovator that helps colleges and universities totally automate the curriculum process: planning, approving and publishing. Through a network of individual institutions and statewide college/university systems, Governet is guiding the development of best practices standards for curriculum databases, workflow and the dissemination of curriculum information to a worldwide community of students and educators. For more information, call 208-522-1225 or visit