Question | Why choose currIQūnet?

Why choose currIQūnet?

currIQūnet is the optimal choice when considering Curriculum Development systems because the currIQūnet solutions provide capabilities unseen in competing solutions. The currIQūnet curriculum development system utilizes an effective graphical user interface that sharply reduces the learning curve for those wishing to use the system to positively influence student outcomes.

The currIQūnet solution is an innovative Web-based system that automates the processes of course and program development, review and approvals for colleges, universities and statewide educational systems. currIQūnet is a customized, user-friendly TOOL that saves institutions time, money and natural resources. The curriculum database is searchable by faculty, researchers, and students.

currIQūnet is building the Global Curriculum network, which enables the growing community of academicians and curriculum specialists sharing best practices for curriculum review, accreditation, and collaboration.