Solutions Overview

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innovation-knowledge-educationcurrIQūnet designs and builds Web-based solutions that automate curriculum management processes for higher education and corporate learning centers. These solutions address local campus, statewide system, and international collaborative network issues in curriculum management, innovation, and accreditation.

Based on its award-winning currIQūnet System, currIQūnet’s solutions focus on streamlining processes at each level, creating significant savings in labor and provide simplified access to shared curriculum databases. In addition to our flagship product, currIQūnet META, our complimentary services and solutions include:

  • Professional consulting services
  • Curriculum best practices
  • Curriculum process re-engineering
  • Web-based entry and editing
  • Automated workflow management
  • Integrated document management
  • Relational database storage and access
  • Dynamic Web searches (local, statewide, and global)
  • Ad hoc reporting tools