currIQūnet Summary


The best Curriculum Management Solution just got better

Every college and university develops unique curriculum management processes. This is true even in cases where a given institution is part of a regional or statewide system. The nature of academic governance essentially requires such localized processes. As a result, the core currIQūnet META System is designed to be configurable at the local level to reflect local requirements for course and program content, process workflows, and report templates. At the same time, currIQūnet META can properly interface local campus curriculum design components with both upstream and downstream systems, such as local Student systems, multi-campus curriculum searches, state reporting standards, and other similar requirements. currIQūnet Meta, enhances and streamlines the user experience with advanced, customizable tools that are both highly intuitive and simply functional.

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The standard and optional components of currIQūnet Meta include:

  • Integrated course and program/degree processing
  • Web entry and edits from a custom dashboard with functional widgets and notification badges
  • Automated workflow with real-time status reporting
  • Configurable design with “drag and drop” screen elements to facilitate rapid implementation without re-programming effort
  • Streamlined navigation tools with convenient bread crumb displays
  • Standard report templates and ad hoc report writing tools
  • Interfaces to other internal and external systems
  • Facilitation of catalog production
  • Web-based searches of local, state, and international curriculum databases

New customizable modules designed to enhance curriculum processing including:

  • currIQūnet Notifications, which provides notice about similar courses, text-book recommendations, and other convenient alerts;
  • currIQūnet Analytics, which provides ad hoc analysis of statistical summaries about all internal and external proposed courses/programs in database;
  • Lesson Planet, a repository and distribution center for instructor-to-instructor curriculum sharing; and
  • CuricULINK, a higher education social networking module that enables educators in the network to contact and interact with one another.