currIQūnet Integrated Modules


Enhance your experience with advanced, customizable tools that are highly intuitive and simply functional

In addition to the core currIQūnet META System, we offer a comprehensive suite of optional modules and services that greatly expand basic functionality of currIQūnet. The currIQūnet Suite includes:

Catalog Management Service

currIQūnet Meta takes a curriculum centric approach to catalog management to properly recognize the role of academic review. Since the majority of catalog information is a direct result of the curriculum management process, currIQūnet offers currIQūnet Catalog Management Service to leverage existing data that has already been approved through the academic review process. This allows institutions to connect in real time to the approved curriculum data and provide a fully searchable interface of curriculum for the institution’s website. currIQūnet’s Catalog Management Service provides formatted outputs in multiple data types, such as InDesign, PDF, and .Doc. It also provides for storage, review and approval of the other catalog information sections utilizing CurricUNET’s automated workflow engine.

currIQūnet META provides “full cycle curriculum management to catalog management” automation.

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services are provided for electronic or manual transfer of existing active courses and programs from current sources, whether electronic or paper-based, into the currIQūnet META database. If Client wishes to also convert inactive, archived data, such services are also available.

Onsite Training Services

Provides onsite training to Client staff, at appropriate facilities selected by Client. The number of Client staff accommodated by this service will only be limited by the capacity of the selected facility and the number of days chosen by Client.

Articulation Module

Allows an institution to manage its articulation agreements with other institutions, including both public and private institutions. This module maintains a repository of the institution’s bilateral articulation agreements and interfaces electronically, where needed, with statewide articulation databases.

Document Management Module

Allows users to attach electronic documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) to proposals at any stage, and to have reviewers evaluate those documents along with the proposal. This module may also be used to retroactively create a course/program archive of scanned paper versions of historical course outlines and program/degree reports from pre-currIQūnet years.

Automated Program Review Module

Provides customization and implementation services, with integration to currIQūnet META and other Client application systems as needed. This module creates a matrix of data elements derived from multiple external information sources (SIS, Finance, etc.). This information is needed for comprehensive program review and is carried through all successive review periods for comparison purposes. Supporting graphics are also provided.

Textbook Management Module

Provides customization and implementation services with integration to currIQūnet META and other client systems as needed. This module captures detailed book information in multiple formats. This database can be interfaced to multiple sources if needed (i.e., college bookstore, state text database, etc.).

Student Advisement Module

Provides customization and implementation services with integration to currIQūnet META and other client systems as needed. This module integrates the curriculum database and the institution’s student database to provide comprehensive tracking of a student’s progress toward a degree/award. Term by term progress is tracked against degree requirements. Prescriptive recommendations are generated based on student grades, course drops, etc.

Agendanet System

Provides customization and implementation services, including submission processing, approval workflow, agenda production, recording of votes and minutes, and archiving. This module is a comprehensive agenda management system for large institutions that have complex agendas requiring automated workflow of individual item submissions by multiple parties. It provides meeting and post-meeting processing of the agenda activities.

Outcome Assessment Module

Provides customization and implementation services that is integrated with currIQūnet META. This module records, tracks, and reports the level of attainment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institution levels, as initially identified in currIQūnet META.

Syllabus Builder Module

Provides customization and implementation services with integration with currIQūnet META. This module guides instructors through an automated building process of the syllabi for the course sections they are teaching. The module brings forward all required data from the course outline database and populates the section syllabus template. It then allows instructors to add or amend those items as allowed by college policy. All syllabi are permanently stored and searchable.

currIQūnet Ad Hoc Report Writer

This tool allows a registered currIQūnet META user to assemble and print ad hoc reports by specifying data elements in the currIQūnet META database they wish to report on. A variety of report format and assembly functions are provided.

Institutional Planning Module

This system creates a Web-based mechanism for creation, tracking, management, and reporting for an enterprise strategic plan. Templated input of institution mission, values, goal areas, goals, and initiatives/projects is provided. The system assigns accountability for plan components to designated owners and then tracks and reports results determined by user-specified performance measures. The Institutional Planning Module is fully integrated with currIQūnet META, the Automated Program Review Module and the Outcome Assessment Module.