Services Overview

Professional Expertise in Curriculum Management

juggling-gearscurrIQūnet provides the full range of professional expertise in curriculum management throughout the implementation of your currIQūnet META System. Additional consulting services are also available for those times an institution is not yet prepared to acquire the currIQūnet System, but wishes to improve or evaluate certain strategic institutional functions or in preparation of the purchase and configuration of META. Three such examples of these professional consulting services include Institutional Planning, Process Reengineering and Curriculum Review. These services are tailored to meeting an institutions individual and strategic requirements.

Institutional Planning

currIQūnet has extensive experience and expertise in major planning processes for large organizations. Historically, such planning processes may consist of facilitating local meetings, gathering consensus, preparing printed reports and ultimately, the plan. The difficulty with such traditional planning processes is that the static plans, produced at a particular point in time, are difficult to use for meaningful follow-up, accountability tracking, and sustainability to institutional goals.

Process Reeingineering

currIQūnet provides separate consulting services for process reengineering. currIQūnet can facilitate the redesign of certain institutional functions beyond curriculum management. In such cases, currIQūnet provides both the leadership and the Web-based tools to expedite and implement such projects.

Curriculum Review

In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of their student populations and of their local business workforces, institutions of higher learning must regularly update their curriculum offerings. Such updates are a key component of the evaluations made by the accreditation commissions that assess the educational quality of all institutions.

currIQūnet offers both system solutions and consulting services to facilitate such curriculum review processes. As a precursor Program Review Module, which automates the review of all academic and non-academic programs, currIQūnet can also provide a team of highly experienced consultants to facilitate and guide an institution’s cyclical review processes. With the experience of hundreds of institutions to consider as possible models, key curriculum leaders can often redesign and streamline their own processes in a fraction of the time previously required. In doing so, they keep curriculum offerings current and relevant, they satisfy the needs of students and businesses, and they comply with accreditation requirements.