Support Overview

Client Support is not a department…It’s our job

support-centercurrIQūnet provides a variety of support services offering clients assistance before, during, and after implementation of currIQūnet META. These services include an organizational support infrastructure, technology-mediated methods, and user-to-user methods.

Client Support Service

currIQūnet provides Client Support services from its Worldwide Web Development Center. Unless otherwise arranged, Support Services are offered Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm MST, via phone, email, and Instant Messaging. During non-standard hours, certain system emergency events are on automated monitoring, with appropriate notification of key personnel.

Training and Learning

currIQūnet provides a variety of support methodologies to facilitate training and learning of client users and staff. This includes onsite training workshops, online training sessions, website resident training videos, online user documentation, and related support information.

User Forums and ListServ

currIQūnet provides a general purpose User Forum where clients may post and comment on topics of interest related to the currIQūnet System, its optional modules, or other general topics of interest to our users.

In addition, a ListServ has been created independently by our clients to allow unmoderated, direct discussion among our clients on topics of mutual interest related to currIQūnet. For more information on this ListServ or to join, using the form provided, please contact Joni Jordan at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California.