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Web-Based Governet Re-organizes Executive Team

The executive team at Governet, a web-based company that creates and implements curriculum and program management software for colleges and universities around the world, was re-organized on Jan. 1, 2015, according to President Mark Svorinic.

“The goal of this re-organization is to provide better service to our clients, advance our product development at a faster pace and proactively engage the marketplace,” said Mr. Svorinic, who has more than 25 years of experience in educational technology.

Governet’s software—CurricUNET META —automates the development and approval process of new courses and programs as well as their management and maintenance in higher education, a process that previously required a significant commitment of resources – time, funds and people. Automating this process with META creates greater efficiencies and effectiveness of resources, dramatically saving universities upwards of 2,300 hours per year.

Cecil Broadnax, PhD, remains Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Mr. Broadnax is responsible for planning and directing all aspects of Governet’s marketing and sales policies, objectives and initiatives, including Social Media platforms.

Nancy Howard, previously Chief Operating Office, is now Vice President of Product Delivery and Services. In her new role, Ms. Howard is responsible for product delivery and improving clients’ experience with Governet from installation to technical support and help desk questions.

Ken Brown was promoted from Senior Software Engineer to Vice President of Technology and Development. In his new role, Mr. Brown will head the development of Governet’s software and manage the company’s IT department.

Robert Searcy leads the accounting, finance, human resources and legal departments as the Vice President of Finance, Accounting and Management.

Steve Thyberg, previously Vice President Client Services, will coordinate product development policies, objectives and initiatives by providing real-time market analysis of current trends and future market direction as the Vice President of Market Solutions.

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