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"kuh - rik - yoo - net" Funny Name. Cool Tech. Great People.

Curriculum, Your Way - The Best Way!

Deliver the best in curriculum management with tech that is easy to learn, simple to use, and built for your future. And making that experience the best you've ever had! That is what drives us - our mission!

One, Integrated, Seamless Platform







At Our Core

Why We Do What We Do

Your courses and programs drive your brand, your impact.

Designing, building, and managing your curriculum is mission critical to your success.

currIQūnet META is the foremost curriculum-centric, fully integrated platform that allows you to manage your curriculum your way – The Best Way!

We believe our solution should not limit your curriculum needs – today and into the future.

Our proven higher education experience and technical know-how combine to create the most feature rich curriculum management offering in the market.

Experience the best in curriculum management – currIQūnet META.

Your launchpad to curriculum innovation.

Our Affilations


Helping our clients integrate  currIQūnet META with the Ellucian Portfolio of solutions.


Conscious Capitalism - the fundamental tenets that our company lives by.

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