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Important Update

Covid-19 Response


As we continue to experience the unchartered waters in which we find ourselves, I want to share with you how we at currIQūnet are preparing ourselves to continue our support of your curriculum management efforts.

We recognize that many of you have or will soon limit access to on-campus activities and there may be an increase in curriculum related activities as faculty, staff, and administration work remotely.

Our hosted solution – the technology platform, the hardware, and our data center hosting partner – are more than capable to support all your remote curriculum management efforts for as long as needed.

The currIQūnet team has stress tested the system many times. The results are the same.


We are ready to support your remote access curriculum management needs.

If called upon, the currIQūnet team is prepared to work remotely as well with no disruption in our support, implementation, and development activities.

Your access to the Support Team as well as the entire company remains the same – phones and numbers will remain the same, ZenDesk is open and available for submitting support tickets, and implementation meetings can continue as you would like or need.

In the event we do need to move to remote work we will notify each of you after our successful transition.

The management team at currIQūnet is touching base with our team members daily to make sure we are meeting their needs and the needs of their families.

We have been and will always be a family here at currIQūnet. And family is always there for family.

And you are part of that family.

If you are in need of additional training to support remote access by faculty, if you need to discuss how best to move forward during these challenging times, etc. contact us.

We are here to assist you. We are here to support you. We are here to listen.

Thank you for being part of our family. I was honored to be asked to lead this company over 6 years ago. 

I am more honored in how the currIQūnet team has responded to the current crisis – caring for one another, continuing to perform at a high level, and doing all this with keeping you, our valued partner, in mind.

I am confident that we will get through this. Know that we are here for you.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for being part of the currIQūnet family.

Please stay safe. Wash your hands. Look out for your neighbor. We are in this together.

Mark Svorinic

CEO, currIQūnet 

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