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Let us introduce ourselves!

Unleash Curriculum Innovation

Curriculum As A Core


Curriculum is the heart and soul of your institution and drives all the activities that take place. We have had a curriculum centric approach since day one. We help you manage your courses and programs so that you can focus on the success of your students, faculty, and the institution.

META Data, Analytics and Success


At the core of our solution is a Meta data approach. Your curriculum management efforts should create a wealth of valuable data that you can turn into useful information. currIQūnet makes that happen! Your data is relevant, timely, consistent, and clear. And more importantly useful. All the time. Everyday.

Integrated Solution


Based on nearly two decades of best practices and serving the higher education community currIQūnet META provides a single platform for all you curriculum management needs - course and program management, assessment, program review, and catalog. With your data at the core!